About SisterSpun

    SisterSpun is a company that is focused on:

    Giving our readers big ideas, bigger words, and the biggest adventures.

    Connecting young readers to art, culture, and the world.

    Expanding readers’ connections with language, experiences with the world, and relationships with their environment.

    Using technology as a means of digitally connecting readers with stories and ideas as well as encouraging intellectual curiosity and enhancing creativity. We design for even the earliest readers to help them build their digital fluency and literacy.

    Book Tour Dates

    We are excited to announce that we will be at Enchant Christmas DC Tuesday-Sunday, November 22 – December 14. Read more about Enchant Christmas DC here!

    Highlights from a Creative Mind

    From an early age, artist and illustrator, Nicholas Cornell, has had a keen eye for color, dimension, and whimsy. His playful and imaginative creations delights readers. His attention to expression and emotion captures the spirit of our debut books.

    Coming Soon in 2020

    El niño y su árbol is a multilingual journey of immigration. This beautiful story in code-switched Spanish and English brings to light the multilingual experience in the United States, and celebrates the children who are growing up with ties to more than one culture. Your languages are beautiful and your cultures are precious.

    The star of Creature Comfort, Mari Ursu, is a polar bear looking for a safe, dry place to hibernate for the winter. Also facing climate-related challenges, Mari meets several other arctic animals along her journey. In the end, she finds a most unexpected place for her torpor.

    Following Creature Comfort, comes Santa Gets a New Bathtub – a multilingual, color-shape, bathtub book chronicling the beginning of Santa’s Red Bathtub adventure!